Charlotte dahlia name paintling

Nomadic Poetry Studio: Charlotte dahlias name paintling

For a little girl on her way whose mama likes dahlias and is preparing a pretty pink nursery.

Carter safari name paintling

Nomadic Poetry Studio: Carter safari name paintling

OK, so fun to draw all these animals together at a smaller scale than usual.  And how amazing are a zebra’s stripes? (SO amazing!)  This is for a little man with lots of energy and funny sweetness to share with the world.

Elijah jungle name paintling

elijah jungle verse

Jungle fever over here lately!  My husband keeps loving the little chimp wherever he shows up…and I hope little Elijah likes him too!  It’s such a joy to research the animals and see the wonderful ways they’ve been put together.  I love that lions can be majestic and crazy-haired at the same time!