“You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some with you” -Joubert

Nomadic Poetry Studio Logo

Nomadic Poetry Studio is borne out of a love of literature, sketching, and the art of naming…and a curiosity about what could happen when they intersect.  Trained in architecture & art history by profession, and mother of three by vocation. This is my space for experimenting, challenging myself, and charting my growth as an artist.

Childhood slips by so quickly, and I’m learning the importance of incorporating meaningful things into our days whether through family rituals or the art on the walls. I want my kids to soak up words that are good and true and beautiful and lighthearted, to be better prepared to recognize and create poetry wherever they may go.

Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you on your journey!


You can reach me at: contact (at) nomadicpoetry.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. These are so creative! I can see many of these words and more decorating my home and office! Beautiful!

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